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About Us

Ummah Relief International was established in 1994 to help needy people around the world. It is a dedicated relief organization providing a variety of humanitarian services such as food, clothing, medical treatment, and schools. It brings help and hope to thousands of victims of natural and human disasters.

Each year, millions of men, women, and children are impacted by floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and other disasters. Everyday Ummah Relief International Humanitarian Relief programs help people relieve some of the suffering in the world. With your help, Ummah Relief International responds to natural disasters all over the world with quick and targeted action.

Since 1994 to Everyday, we help people relieve some of the suffering in the world.

Our Mission

Charity for Education

We provide a number of services and supplies such as books, school supplies, meals and student’s preventive health care services.

Bringing Clean Water

Providing a reliable and safe water source will unlock potential by returning time for study, work, and imagination.

Feed for Hungry Child

Feed the Children exists to end childhood hunger. Around the world, we provide nourishing meals every day to more than thousands of children.

Help Little Hands

We believe the child is special. No matter their additional needs or disability, is capable of being outstanding.

Home for Homeless

The project is part of a national movement of tiny-house villages, an alternative approach to housing the homeless.

Donate for Children

To transform communities through helping children, youth and their families who need support.

Your Help Is Needed

Donate your zakah and sadaqah May Allah reward you for your help.

Donation Types

One Time Donation

One time donation via Ummah Relief can save lives.


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Monthly Donation

Donate monthly via Ummah Relief and help feed the hungry.


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You can make a donation by telephone
Phone: 1-800-713-4482
Cell: 847-622-0574

Calculate & Pay Zakat Online

By donating Zakat/Sadaqa we can distribute Food packages to the most needy people. Your Online Zakat Donation is needed.

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